Beryl Peters

Beryl Peters is an English designer and writer. She is a keen member of the Ephemera Society and has built up huge archives of Victorian scraps, old greeting cards, postcards, autograph and illustrated photograph albums, books, calendars and many other decorative images, which she draws on to help her create designs. Her antiquarian library also helps her in writing small gift books on etiquette and English life in bygone eras. She is still a keen collector and sells off duplicate and excess original scraps in the store on her website, which is updated monthly.

Beryl's designs are used on products as varied as jigsaws, greeting cards, calendars, photo albums, pad blocks, stickers, gift wrap, crackers and many more items. She is now thrilled to have her Afternoon Splendor designs produced on fabric by P&B Textiles and hopes that it will be the first of many of her designs made available to the quilting industry. Beryl's new venture is designing 3D decoupage kits for greeting card companies which will develop into applications for the scrapbooking Industry. She designs and oversees the hand crafting of nostalgic 3D decoupage cards which are sold through smaller outlets in many countries. Christmas images are her speciality.

Beryl was a teacher for over 25 years in secondary schools, before beginning her design work after her children went to university. She lives in the heart of England with her husband and established a studio in their home so that she could also care for her aged mother in law, who died recently at the age of 96 years of age. Visit the Beryl's great sites:

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