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Imagen File Formats, Resolution and download

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All images in this site are in PNG ("Portable Network Graphics") format.

PNG ("Portable Network Graphics")

  • The most advanced image format.
  • TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND for easy use and optimal results.
  • Clean and well-defined borders for professional looking layouts.
  • A bit depth up to 48-bit color, allowing images that contain literally trillions of colors, more colors than the human eye can see.
  • Large real size (up to 10 inches height) and high resolution for an excellent printing.
  • A universal format recognized by all the graphic edition program
1.- PNG format (Portable Network Graphics).- The .PNG format (pronounced "PING") is the most advanced image format. It uses lossless compression, which means that no image data is lost when saving or viewing the image. .PNG is a universal format recognized by all the graphic editing programs (Adobe Photoshop®, Corel Photo Paint®, Paint Shop Pro®, Unload Photo Impact®, MGI Photo Suite®, Microsoft Photo Editor®, Macromedia FreeHand®, etc.). Since .PNG is a newer format, however, graphics programs prior to 1995 cannot recognize this format. It is important to note that recent versions of popular programs such as Microsoft Word® and Microsoft Power Point® can insert images in PNG format, and they also import the transparent background.

All images in .PNG on our site can have up to a 48-bit depth of color, which allows images to contain literally trillions of colors, far more than the human eye can see.

Our images in PNG have transparent background with clean and well-defined borders for optimal use in your photos, scrapbooking layouts, designs, WebPages, etc. Transparent background, which means that the image can be placed against any background, and there will not be a white background surrounding the actual image. The transparent background is recognized by all the graphics editing programs; however some programs, such as Corel Photo Paint®, show the transparent background as a masked area.

The images in .PNG format have the same characteristics and versatility of the format "Tubes" in Paint Shop Pro®, with the advantages of those mentioned above. In addition, PNG is a universal format recognized by all graphics editing programs and creates high quality images with a 48-bit depth of color.

You can learn more about PNG format in the official site: http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/pngintro.html

The PNG images you will download will be in a compressed .ZIP file. You need to have a program like WinZip, WinRar, ZipGenius, etc. to decompress, not only our images files, but all compressed image files on the Web that are of high resolution and consequently are large files. WinZip is a free program that can be downloaded from the Web. A Google or Yahoo search will provide the link.

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