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This is a tutorial about the use of frames for beginners

Our frames and layouts (pre-made pages) are in two image formats, .JPG and .PNG. The .PNG format has transparent backgrounds that allow you to easily insert photos behind them. To accomplish this, you need to use one of the graphics editing programs.

The procedure is very simple: To combine a frame with a photo, you have to treat both images (frame and picture) as "layers" or "objects" to transport and align them properly.

Even with such basic programs as Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Power Point®, you can use .PNG images with transparent backgrounds to place a picture "behind" the frame.

After working with transparent backgrounds a few times, you will find it very easy. You can also refer to the tutorials included with your graphics editing program. On the Internet, you will also find good tutorials for the most common graphics editing programs (Paint Shop Pro®, Photoshop®, Unlead Photoimpact,® etc.). These can be located using a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

We are certain that with some patience, you will soon be creating beautiful layouts.

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