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We searched our FAQs, and here are the results that may answer your question:

In what format are the images offered?
All our images are in .PNG format with a transparent background.

What is .PNG format and with which graphics editing program can I use it?
The .PNG format (pronounced "PING") is the most advanced image format. It uses lossless compression, which means that no image data is lost when saving or viewing the image. .PNG is a universal format recognized by all the graphic editing programs (Adobe Photoshop®, Corel Photo Paint®, Paint Shop Pro®, Unload Photo Impact®, MGI Photo Suite®, Microsoft Photo Editor®, Macromedia FreeHand®, etc.). Since .PNG is a newer format, however, graphics programs prior to 1995 cannot recognize this format. It is important to note that recent versions of popular programs such as Microsoft Word® and Microsoft Power Point® can insert images in PNG format, and they also import the transparent background.

What is a transparent background?
All our images in .PNG format have a transparent background, which means that the image can be placed against any background, and there will not be a white background surrounding the actual image. The transparent background is recognized by all the graphics editing programs; however some programs, such as Corel Photo Paint®, show the transparent background as a masked area

How can I save an image and maintain the transparent background?
This procedure varies, depending on the graphics editing program you are using. However, we can give you the following suggestions:

- If you are creating an image from scratch, keep your background transparent. If there is more than one layer, merge them as All Visible and not Flatten. This will keep the background transparent.

- When you have the image you want, you should look for the .PNG optimization tool… something like this: File > Export > PNG Optimizer, or you may have PNG Optimizer on your toolbar. When the optimizer opens, click on the transparency tab, and choose either Single Color (which will leave the edges a little rough) or Alpha Channel, which will leave a nicer image. Be certain to set the export for Alpha Channel Transparency. These both have transparent backgrounds, although they may show as white.

- This works for Paint Shop Pro 7 through 9 and many other graphics editing programs. Review the instructions or a tutorial on this topic for your specific program.

Transparent .PNG files afford the luxury of using the designs in a multitude of ways in a wide range of applications in all the graphics editing programs. For this reason, it is the file format used by almost all digital scrappers and, consequently, for all the images on our site.

How can I be sure that the images on this site work with my graphics editing program?
You can download free samples at the link http://www.mangelsdesigns.com/frames/freeframes.htm and test them in your graphics editing program.

What is the difference between the images in .PNG format with transparent background and the "Tubes"?
The images in .PNG format have the same characteristics and versatility of the format "Tubes" in Paint Shop Pro®, with the advantages of those mentioned above. In addition, PNG is a universal format recognized by all graphics editing programs and creates high quality images with a 48-bit depth of color.

Why aren’t the images in this site considered clipart?
All images in .PNG on our site can have up to a 48-bit depth of color, which allows images to contain literally trillions of colors, far more than the human eye can see. Clipart only has a bit depth of 8 bits, which results in a very limited color scale.

How do I download the .PNG images?
The PNG images you will download will be in a compressed .ZIP file. You need to have a program like WinZip, WinRar, ZipGenius, etc. to decompress, not only our images files, but all compressed image files on the Web that are of high resolution and consequently are large files. WinZip is a free program that can be downloaded from the Web. A Google or Yahoo search will provide the link.

How can I learn more about .PNG format?
You can learn more about .PNG format in the official site: http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/pngintro.html

How else can I use the images?
These images can be opened in all programs, so, in addition to using them with your favorite graphics editing program for your pictures, scrapbooking layouts, designs, WebPages, etc., you can also use them as backgrounds for PowerPoint® presentations, backgrounds for e-mails (Outlook Express® stationery), and your Word® documents. Your imagination is the limit.

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