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We searched our FAQ's and here are the results that may answer your questions:

How do I create layouts and print at sizes such as 8x8", A4, or 8.5x11"(letter size) using 12x12" background papers? Also, what can you tell me about wide format and other types of printers?
To print 8x8" or other square layouts using 12x12" background papers, you can either (1) resize the backgrounds to the desired dimensions with your graphics editing program or (2) use the 12x12" backgrounds and adjust the finished print size under File>Print Preview.

To create A4, 8.5x11", or other rectangular layouts using 12x12" backgrounds, you need to resize the image and make some additional adjustments. If you want to maintain the size and shape of the design in a background paper, remove the spare ends of the image using your graphics editing program. Please use your creativity to avoid distorting or damaging the original design. If you're interested in the rectangular sizes, our Web site also has hundred of designs in smaller sizes, such as the layout templates and the Victorian photo album pages, which are at A4 size.

We size backgrounds at 12x12" for a number of reasons. One of the most important is that it's easy to reduce the size of the image and still retain design details and a high print quality.

You may have noticed that nearly all digital scrapbooking Web sites offer 12x12" scrap backgrounds. Traditional paper scrappers have generally worked with the 12x12" layout, which has now become a standard size in the scrapbooking industry. Layouts of this size offer a lot of workspace and are a familiar format for scrappers. Many photos can be used, and they are clear and visible after printing. In addition, storage and display of 12x12" layouts is easy because albums of this size are readily available.

Digital scrappers are more challenged when working at this size, however, if they want to print their pages. There are several wide format photo printers currently available on the market, such as those manufactured by Epson, Canon, and HP. While researching printer styles, we found the following information and hope it will be helpful to you:

1) For those who prefer to stick with the less expensive printers, many of the newer photo printers will print borderless at the 8.5x11" size. This allows you to print all the way to the edges and use your layout in albums without any trimming or matting necessary. Many digital scrappers create their layouts at the 12x12” size and reduce the dimensions to 8x8” to print them. These printouts can then be mounted on coordinating cardstock and placed in either an 8.5x11” album or an 8x8” album. These sizes are becoming increasingly more popular, with many choices available at a reasonable cost.

2) For those who prefer the full 12x12” size, the wide format printer is the choice for home printing. Using 13x19” paper will allow you to print a full 12x12” layout with room left over to print a couple of layouts resized to 6x6” for gift giving or for any other projects that are 6” or less on one side.

3) You can successfully use the same sized document (12x12") to print edge-to-edge 8.5x11" backgrounds. In fact, we had better results because most of the background .JPG graphic files are sized at 12x12" (3600 pixels by 3600 pixels). As long as you make sure to move your printer's paper holder so it is snug against the edge of your 8.5x11" paper, your printer won't print over the edge. (Note: While we have had successful results using these directions, you may have to experiment to get your particular printer to work correctly.)

4) Digital scrapbooking layouts can be printed in any size. The most popular sizes are 8.5x11", 8x8", and 12x12". To print layouts larger than letter size, you need to use either a wide format printer or take the file to a printing service, such as Kinkos, Walmart, or a commercial printer.

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